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Guild Ball Tournament $15


Outflank Games
1325 Gateway Blvd, Suite C-2 94533 Fairfield United States
Join us for our first Guild Ball tournament!

Registration starts at 1pm, you must be registered by 1:45. Rounds start at 2pm.

Bernie Lin will be with us to help run the event and we're looking forward to seeing a lot of you here. The more people the more prize support there will be. We will be using timed rounds and chess clocks for play so make sure you practice on a clock ahead of time.

Full tournament rules below:

You must have actual models to play in the tournament. Steamforged games supplies all their rules and paper models for free, but they're still a business and we want to support their continued development of the game. For casual play, paper models are fine, but for the tournament, I'd like to support both the FLGS and Steamforged by requiring models.

Your models must be primed and have at least 2 other colors different thant he primer on there. Yes, you can just paint the capes or the hair or the boots if you want, but this is just a loose requirement to get people painting and trust me, painted figures play better. ;-)

Any measuring tool or bits used to track distance, influence, status, momentum, score, etc... are allowed, as long as you and your opponent agrees on what they represent. The TO will make the final call if there are disputes.

PLEASE bring MATS and TERRAIN if you have them!

3 rounds, based on Tournament Points (10 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss) and tiebreakers (Total VP, then VP differential)

Games are played to 12 Victory Points

Round Length is 2 hours. Chess clock of 50 min per player and 20 min Admin/Clock Out time (will be explained more at the tournament, or read the Organized Play document on Guild Ball website).

A player who is clocked out (ran out of the 50 min time) will have forced 1 min per activation (your activation ends when the 1 min is up) and 1 min influence allocation phase. The clocked out player's opponent is rewarded 1 VP after each 1-minute activation, until someone scores 12+ VP.

Teams consist of 8 total players, where 6 can play per game. Both players secretly select the 6 players they want for the game after seeing the 8-person roster of their opponent. Then they reveal their 6 player teams at the same time.

All entry fees will be given back as prizes.
Entry Fee will be $15 depending on entries.

Prizes will be given out for:
1st place
2nd place
Best Painted
Best Goal Post
Wooden Spoon
First Mascot Kill
and maybe more depending on entries!